Issue 5: New Tech from Israel

I love learning about emerging technologies. Whether it’s an update to my favorite chain of computer components, smart homes/automation, developments in the automotive industry, or even a cool-looking electric toothbrush. Naturally, CES (The Consumer Electronics Show) is always something I look forward to reading about. In 2022 there were tons of new startups that came to the Las Vegas showcase to demonstrate their breakthroughs in front of a large, nerdy, excited audience. Among these companies were several that are based in Israel. I’d like to show you some of my favorite Israeli innovations that were featured.

  1. Biobeat 

This artificial intelligence-powered patch could be the future of patient data collection. When applied, the device measures 14 different vital signs that get sent directly to a patient’s phone. In addition to wireless stickers, the company also makes smart-watches that measure similar data for at-home use. 

  1.  CityTransfomer

It’s literally a transformer. This vehicle is an expandable electric vehicle that is designed for ultra-compact city driving. The idea is that the car can transform itself to become a more compact parking-friendly vehicle. The pre-order starts at just under $15,000 and has a range of around 110 miles. 

  1. iRomaScents

Year after year we see films with increasingly impressive visuals. This device aims to add another layer to people’s TV watching experience. Equipped with up to 45 different unique fragrances, the puck-shaped device emits smells to match the scene of whatever movie or TV show you’re watching. You can now smell everything from oceans in nature docs, to fresh grass clippings. 

  1. Oorym

Augmented reality (AR) is something I’m really looking forward to seeing hit consumer markets. AR technologies aim to transfer our interaction with tech from the screen into the real world. Instead of tapping and swiping, we would be able to interact with holographic projections and see them laid out in our surroundings with the help of special glasses. Although Apple has plans to release something like this in the near future, this Israeli tech company has already done it. 

  1.  OrCam

This device allows the blind, visually impaired, or those with reading disabilities to interact with the world around them. It turns text into speech, identifies money and people, has navigation features, and even color identification. The OrCam can be used as both a handheld or can be mounted on a pair of glasses for ease of use.