Issue 8: 6 Point Playlist III

This week’s publication is the third and final iteration of the 6-point playlist. It is a collection of 6 songs by Jewish artists that will be added to a playlist available to all readers (links below). Each edition will feature songs in a variety of genres and details about the song and artist. Please enjoy this week’s 6-point selection:

Who Knew by Pink

Pink is a 2000s pop icon with more Grammy nominations than I can count on my fingers. This powerful pop hit is very much in-line with the rest of her discography, as it pairs a mellow verse structure with a punchy chorus. Pink does not shy away from strong expressions and conveys her emotions through catchy vocals. 

Bossa Antigua by Paul Desmond

This song is a saxophone exhibition. As a former woodwind player, I can attest that the saxophone is a naturally loud and powerful instrument, making it perfect for belting out soulful solos that could be heard through several city blocks. But Bossa Antigua showcases a soft and tidy sound from the instrument that’s reminiscent of a lazy river. The craft of the instrumentation combined with the Bossa Nova base makes for an incredibly pleasant tune. 

Since I Don’t Have You by Art Garfunkel

Art Garfunkel epitomizes the “Yacht Rock” sound that was so prevalent during the late 70s and 80s with this track. With the soft backing and airy vocals, Since I Don’t Have You is a relaxing and mellow song. Although I’m not the biggest fan of Simon and Garfunkel, individually or in a group, I can’t help but sit back and enjoy this calming song. 

Fight Song by Rachel Platten

Time for a bit of a local connection. Rachel Platten is a Massachusetts native, who grew up in the Newton Center area. Her discography is earmarked by inspiring, motivational, and reflective music. Although it’s not a genre that I personally gravitate towards, her talent is undeniable. Not only did Platten dominate the top charts at the height of her career, but she is also a known philanthropist. 

Almost Like the Blues by Leonard Cohen

I couldn’t end the 6-Point playlist selection without at least another Leonard Cohen song. In addition to the previously featured Slow this song from the Popular Problems album is my favorite of all of Cohen’s work. The subtle piano and bass backing pair perfectly with his soft and raspy voice. This track is a reflection of pain and tragedy, with verses referencing Cohen’s career, the Holocaust, and the afterlife. The choral accents add the perfect finishing touch to this beautiful song. 

Vienna by Billy Joel

This one is incredibly popular and if you haven’t heard it yet you’ve got to listen to it immediately. Vienna is by far my favorite song by Billy Joel. I don’t know if it’s the powerful vocals or the just slightly jazzy piano but this track never fails to send chills down my spine. There’s certainly a crescendo that creates a full-bodied build-up by the end of the song. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s addition to the 6 Point Playlist. All songs will be linked in a Spotify playlist in addition to YouTube links for each song. As always: Happy listening.