About Us

Temple Emmanuel is a small, open and welcoming Jewish community in Wakefield Massachusetts. We offer a contemporary approach to Judaism while maintaining a respect for traditional Jewish values. We invite all to participate in our active schedule of religious services, educational and cultural events.

In 2013, Temple Emmanuel affiliated with the Jewish Reconstructionist Movement. We are dedicated to creating a caring and inclusive community, and to enhancing Jewish life through learning and communal activities. In doing so we hope to pass on our values and traditions to future generations of Jews.

At Temple Emmanuel our doors are open to all Jews regardless of marital status, race, national origin, gender, economic condition, disability or sexual orientation.

Join us for Friday Night Shabbat Celebration on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Friday nights and Jewish Meditation Circle on the 3rd Friday night of each month.  Join us for Saturday Morning Celebration on the First Four Saturdays of each month.

Jewish Reconstructionist Movement

Reconstructionist Judaism is a contemporary, progressive approach to Jewish life that integrates a deep respect for traditional Judaism with the insights and ideas of contemporary social, intellectual, and spiritual life.

A Reconstructionist Jew has strong commitments both to tradition and to the search for contemporary meaning. Reconstructionists encourage all Jews to enhance their own lives by reclaiming our shared heritage and becoming active participants in the building of the Jewish future.

The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College is the primary Reconstructionist organization. It runs the programs and services offered to congregations and chavurot of the movement, serving more than 100 congregations and chavurot across North America.