Reconstructing Judaism 2018 Convention

Check out the convention website, which will be updated as new information becomes available. Please visit it and join our Convention Community!

  • Many options for davening with amazing leaders from around the movement
  • Music and dancing woven throughout Convention
  • Engaging and open-minded Jewish text study
  • Visiting meaningful places in nearby historic Philadelphia
  • Field trips and social justice service opportunities
  • Thursday programming for affinity groups including RENA members, rabbis, executive directors, congregational presidents, a pick-up choir, musicians, young leadership,  and Learning Network participants
  • Storytelling
  • Learning network participants gathering off-line and in-person
  • Celebrating the rabbinical college’s 50th anniversary with stories, music and of course, cake
  • A Saturday night concert featuring Nefesh Mountain from Bnai Keshet, and many other Reconstructionist musicians from around the movement
  • An in-person meeting of the Plenum
  • Interacting with other Reconstructionists in workshops and special events
  • Eating together at meals as well as on Shabbat and other special events
  • Early bird convention registration will open in late April
  • For more information, contact Jackie Land at