Membership Options

Temple Emmanuel welcomes all who wish to participate in Jewish life: singles, couples, and families in all their forms, interfaith couples, individuals with disabilities, and all people regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or financial means.

Benefits of Membership

  • We provide community-building opportunities through our many educational programs, ritual and social events, and volunteer efforts.
  • We offer open-seating tickets for High Holy Days services.
  • Our clergy supports pastoral care and life-cycle events, including moments of both celebration and sadness.
  • You can use our historic sanctuary for family events, including weddings, baby naming, and B’nai mitzvahs.
  • We offer discounts for High Holy Days seats, Hebrew School Tuition, rental use of the temple facilities, classes, lectures, and special events.
  • You can join our Torah and Hebrew classes.
  • Eligibility for burial at our cemetery is also available.

How to Join Temple Emmanuel

Please access, fill in, and submit the application using the online application.

Membership Rates

To better fulfill our sacred mission, we have replaced a traditional dues system with a personal pledge system, setting a minimum membership pledge of $500 per family. Meeting the synagogue’s operational needs requires an average donation of $1,500, and we’re hoping you can consider contributing at this level or more this year. Your pledge is an investment in the Temple’s present and future, and your pledge amount is up to you. Members are asked to contribute according to what their household determines is their ability to support the Temple. The amount each member pays is private and is known only to our treasurer. This model is more closely aligned with contemporary Jewish culture and values. A welcome letter with additional information will follow.

Financial Assistance

Financial challenges mean they should never be a barrier to membership.  Please contact the treasurer or Temple’s president if you need to make special payment arrangements or request a reduction in your personal pledge dues.

We invite all to participate in our active schedule of religious services and educational and cultural events.