Mishloach Manot

The joyous holiday of Purim has several associated mitzvoth.  First, of course, we are obliged to hear the Megillah of Esther read twice: on Erev Purim and on the actual day itself.  And we are meant to partake in a seudah – a Purim festive meal.  The story we celebrate is that of the victory of the Jews over the wicked Haman in Shushan, Persia.  Aided by the courageous Queen Esther and guided by her cousin, Mordechai, the Jews escape mass murder and turn the tables on the enemy.  And so on Purim WE turn the tables, too.  We dress up as we are not (i.e., in costumes!!!)

But on Purim, as on other holidays, we do not neglect the less fortunate.  We give Tzedakah, charity, to those in need.  In addition, as a pleasant custom especially for this celebration, we give mishloach manot — the shalach (sending) of manot (a serving or portion).  An exchange of gifts and tzedakah are traditional parts of observing Purim.  As custom, one brings goodie baskets filled with grape juice/wine, hamantaschen, and other already prepared foods to our families, neighbors and friends.

For the synagogue this is an opportunity to both awaken and engage the entire community.  This is a chance for temple members to be in touch with one another after the long winter ‘hibernation’.  Again, this year, we’ll make it easy to send Mishloach Manot.  There will be goodie baskets at the Temple for every local member of Temple Emmanuel.

Since 2000, Temple Emmanuel has combined this all-important mitzvah of Mishloach Manot with successful fundraising drive.

You can download, print and mail the form here:

Mishloach Manot 2018 (5778) form (PDF Download)

Or you can just use the online form with a credit card!